My Book Of Prophecies Jan 2020 Hindi




My Book Of Prophecies is a Daily Devotional Book and is a monthly Book which will be released every month with new Word Of God, Prayer and Prophetic Word for every day of the month. IT CONTAINS 31 DAYS WORD OF GOD (WRITTEN BY MAN OF GOD AND WOMAN OF GOD), PRAYER (WHICH YOU HAVE TO DO) AND DECLARATION (MADE BY MAN OF GOD AND WOMAN OF GOD FOR YOU). By reading that Word of God, you will increase in prayer life and in the knowledge of the Word of God. It is a Prophetic book written by Man of God Apostle Ankur Narula himself. “MY BOOK OF PROPHECIES” IS A BOOK CUM MAGAZINE BECAUSE IT CONTAINS THE CHURCH INFORMATION AND LIST OF THE PROGRAMS SCHEDULED ON VARIOUS CHANNELS.

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